Not only do I photograph weddings, I also do portrait photography. I started my photography career as a portrait photographer in Los Angeles; photographing actors, actresses and celebrities. I did this for 17 years and I will soon have a gallery on my “Celebrity work” from LA on this website soon.

Look out for a new gallery featuring Reese Witherspoon, Lucas Haas, Jake Lloyd of Star Wars, John Candy, Ed Harris, Bob Hoskins and many more….
It is always so nice when a wedding couple that I have photographed in the past contacts me to photograph their family.  I have photographed Christina and Stevens wedding and their four children over the past years. Christina always loved the name of my daughter Elle. so I was very happy when I found out that they has named their daughter  Lily Elle . She really is a joy to photograph and I recently photographed her for the fourth time. I had photographed her as a newborn, then at six months , a year and now at 18 months. She really is wonderful to photograph and a portrait photographers dream model!
Here are three portraits we did yesterday. In two weeks’ time I will photograph her with her three brothers. Our shoot will be outdoors in the woods with all the wonderful autumn fall colours. I am hoping that Lily Elle will be able to stand up by then.
If any of my old wedding couples (oops….best not call you old!) would love to have some great and memorable family portraits you all know where to find me!!

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portrait elle

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