Ian Johnson ok so this is me . Im meeting so many couples right now who are booking their weddings for 2012 and 2013 . Who is Ian Johnson  ? well Im literally in the process now of doing a video meet Ian Johnson .

For couples that do not come to the studio they have no idea what I look like . So when we plan to meet at a neutral venue it seems Im always playing the game … ‘ are this couple getting married ? ‘  ‘ do they look like they are looking for a wedding photographer’

Facebook as we know are changing to timeline right now .  So on our personal FB pages we have a photo , I have decided to do this on my business page a photo of myself . Talking of Facebook drop in and become a fan of my page it is called destinationweddingsphotographer  http://www.facebook.com/destinationweddingsphotographer   . It really isnt all about destination weddings , I know I do quite a lot of them .  I generally post to Facebook when I put something new here .  With the new timeline wedding photos look great there now.

''ian johnson''

The Real Ian Johnson

There are quite a few Ian Johnson’s out there I know of four photographers , there is one photographer Ian Johnson Photography New York  I always get his invitations, openings. There is a Ian Johnson Photography Cumbria that photographs landscapes . Just last week I was asked to photograph a local wedding in South Africa , there is a Ian Johnson South Africa there too.

My son Nick took this photo of me when we were photographing a wedding in Greece.

So meeting Ian Johnson hopefully wont be so tough any more , now you know what I look like ….  minus the tan .