Last week whilst travelling for an assignment  , as the seat belt sign came on before landing , I picked up the inflight magazine … wow there was Hannah .  My neice Hannah , its the first time I have seen her in a magazine  , when not actually having  been asked to look.   Hannah not so long ago was my assistant at weddings  … and two of those weddings  became favourites.  One at Eltham Palace another at Layer Marney were the wedding venues.   Looking at the below my chances of getting on more jobs with her are looking limited .  Here is a campaign she did for Guy Laroche . She has just came back from an amazing destination White desert in Egypt.   So pardon the famous model pun ‘ I wont get out of bed  for  less than …. ‘  looks like this photographer is  stuck looking for someone else  …. unless there are kittens at the wedding venue that is.