Why Mexico is such a great location for weddings

With more and more happy couples opting for exotic locations for their nuptials several countries are really coming to the forefront of the overseas weddings boom. No wonder getting married in Mexico is popular. There is nothing not to like about an overseas wedding in fairness. Guaranteed weather, a stunning backdrop and the knowledge that only the people who want to be there will make your day even more perfect. Of all the overseas destinations I have a firm favourite at the minute, and that’s Mexico.

There is nothing more romantic than a beach wedding, and as a location Mexico is very hard to beat. I have been lucky enough to attend several of these events and they are an absolute joy. All weddings are wonderful obviously but there is a freedom and relaxed atmosphere surrounding a wedding with other venues simply cannot match. The choice of how simple or how elaborate you want it also comes into play and you really can have the wedding you always dreamed of, with a wedding album that will be the envy of everyone.

Finding a great resort shouldn’t be difficult but there are so many you could easily end up in one of those sprawling resorts and have hundreds of unwanted spectators. Right up there on my list is Cabo San Lucas, Alcapulco and Cancun.

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In Cabo Casa Del Mar which has the intimacy of a boutique resort combined with luxury you want for your wedding. The style is that of a classic 19th century style hacienda and is a secluded sanctuary that makes the perfect setting for a wedding. The charm and elegance of this 56 room resort is second to none. Imagine sun kissed colours in abundance, red tiled roofs, romantic archways leading into peaceful courtyards where you can kick back and have an amazing time.

Wedding venues in Acapulco you have Villa Vera. Acapulco famously hosted Liz Taylor’s nuptials with Mike Todd as well as the honeymoons of Bill and Hillary Clinton Donald and Ivana Trump.. This property offers several beautiful locations for a ceremony as well as a spa and beauty salon. A wedding coordinator is part of the hotel staff. The Villa Vera coordinator can arrange for, music, flowers and all the details.

From the wedding photographer angle, I see everywhere as a possible shot and visualise the outcome. With all my weddings I tour the venue and select the best spots to take photos, here I was overwhelmed with choice. Yes I do pay attention to detail, as I know all this will accumulate is some spectacular wedding photographs, and trust me they do. look at the pool area photo photographed at magic hour, twinkling with fairy lights, is the most perfect spot for an evening reception, the ambience is almost magical, and I feel privileged to have been a part of a wedding here.

From the ceremony itself on the pristine white sands to the various locations I knew would look perfect as the sun started to set, Mexico really is a dream destination as far as the photography is concerned.

While I will continue to produce top quality wedding photos for all my couples I have to say that when I get an enquiry regarding an overseas wedding I get a buzz when I see Mexico. These couple may never get back to this location again, so the photos I take really do have to last them a lifetime. The colour and splendour which Mexico offers a photographer is beyond words, and suffice to say that within minutes of the next booking for a Mexican wedding I will be booking my flight!

A warning from a wedding photographer a few years ago I went to Cabo San Lucas for a short vacation weekend, I came back with food poisining my wife came back with a baby, our son was born 9 months later.