Brides Collection – Wedding Dress’s

A bride is the only person that can answer that. Brides Collection is a collection of wedding photos from real-life weddings. I personally have lost count how many times couples and family of the bride and grooms have said that photo should be in a fashion magazine.

Each wedding dress is beautiful, not for the fabric, much less for the amount of money you invest in it, it is for the happiness, love, and joy that each bride transmits when wearing her dream wedding dress. The wedding dresses have prevailed since antiquity, before the silver color was the most used until in 1840 Queen Victoria of England came to her wedding with an impeccable and pure white dress, marking from that date the tendency to always carry altar that predominant color.

At present, even though it is the most sought-after, it does not mean that other colors, embroideries or cuts reach the altar and are worn with love. In the history of bridal dresses many influential people in the world have managed to impact with different styles and cuts in their bridal dresses, the trends that have been maintained and others that have managed to stand out to stay are absolutely beautiful and very colorful, just as each culture or religion presents a series of differences in relation to bridal dresses.

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