What a lovely surprise I had a wedding couple from 2005 contact me saying finally they were going to do their wedding album.
Coincidentally I’ve only just spoken to the wedding planner that planned this wedding the week before about Anna and Henry s wedding

I mentioned to her I thought it was odd that I never ever did hear from them after I had delivered all the photos, the wedding photos had appeared in many magazines. There were great flowers and bridesmaid  wedding photos

Anyhow Anna described what had happened since their wedding day they had moved to 3 different countries and had two children, so wedding photos and wedding albums were not on their wedding priority list.

I  questioned  Anna was I still shooting weddings on film back then or was I digital. Personally, I think I must have been one of the last wedding photographers to change from film to digital. I love shooting film it is what real photography is about.  There is a trend with new wedding photographers now to photograph with film … and the new photographers are surprised ow good it looks.
I found their negatives and photos of the wedding too I think it must have been at that time when I was using both formats to photograph a wedding. I will post more wedding photos later.

One of the funniest stories from this wedding was the wedding couple and guests took the boat to a wedding venue. However the boat got stuck on a sand bank the boat staff continued to serve champagne for the wedding guests,  luckily the wedding photographers assistant wasn’t drinking,  I have never seen so many drunken wedding guests come all full of the boat it was a great day.

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