Lake Como

Ah, Italy! The place where romance meets luxury and style, in Italy you can find the perfect nature setting for a wedding. From the small commune towns with mesmerizing lake views, to its breathtaking mountains, if you are looking for a top destination wedding venue in Europe Lake Como is the place to go. George Clooney nearly picked this venue he has a villa next to the lake.
While I like quite a few wedding locations in Italy, being a destination wedding photographer for now over 20 years, I’ve never found a perfect of a setting as Lake Como. One of the deepest lakes in Europe in Lombardy Italy, the nature retreat gives you everything you’d want in a backdrop for a magnificent wedding. Being a popular destination with couples worldwide, having your wedding at Lake Como is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and with its dozens of venue choices, you can rest assured that your options are far from limited.

A Range Wedding Venues in Lake Como

When talking about weddings at Lake Como, the perfect backdrop is just a part of what will make your special day even more mesmerizing and unique. The huge variety of options you have let you create a ceremony or reception that truly capture your idea of a perfect wedding. Lake Como presents you with a variety of wedding venues, which fit almost any style.

Villa d’Este Lake Como

Villa d'Este weddingVilla d'Este Lake Como wedding photos a luxury Hotel Italy on Como Lake in Cernobbio, Villa d’Este was voted best hotel in the world 2012,
The Villa Balbianello and the Villa Sola, can make your wedding a truly prestigious event. The contrasting locations also include contemporary and chic style, letting you enjoy smaller weddings or extremely crowded events.

Wedding Setting Lake Como

While there are hundreds of destinations, where you can have your wedding, in Italy alone, Lake Como should definitely be on the top of every list. Providing you with almost everything you could want for a wedding, including a perfect range of venues and breathtaking scenery, it is the perfect place, where romance can be shared. If you want to create a memory for a lifetime, having your wedding at Lake Como is definitely the way to go. Scenography is often overlooked, when people are planning a wedding, but it is definitely a thing, which makes every even far more memorable. Being one of the most sought after picturesque destinations for weddings, Lake Como gives you the perfect backdrop with a mix of charm, romance and luxury. Furthermore with its huge variety of wedding venues, you are able to plan out almost everything that comes to your mind, whether it would be prestige, chic or tradition.

The Italian Wedding Style

Italian wedding style and Lake Como really go together again one of the most stylish and romantic places to have your wedding at, Lake Como is truly charming. With its subtropical climate, and shores full of historic villas and buildings, the lake also presents its beautiful blue waters to further the experience. However, the weddings at Lake Como truly stand out for you and your wedding guest, with the backdrop of the Alps, and all that Italian wedding style makes the area a truly picturesque destination.