Top Wedding Venues and Destinations ideas for Weddings in Greece

Santorini  Mykonos  Sifnos

Greece is a wondrous country where ancient tradition blends perfectly with the vibrant atmosphere of modern days. Located in the Balkan Peninsula, it offers a number of picturesque spots, where the locals have managed to create the perfect blend of traditional architectures, modern touches and nature backdrops. Ideal to have your wedding in Greece, places like Sifnos ,  Santorini , Mykonos are truly mesmerizing and able to add unique elegance to your special day. Being a destination wedding photographer for over 20 years, I’ve personally had the chance to visit those places, thus I’m able to present you with my top picks for wedding venue ideas in Greece.


La Maltese Santorini
When it comes to weddings in Greece, the most infamous destination is Santorini. Providing you with a lifetime experience, the atmosphere is truly divine. One of the best wedding venues there is the La Maltese hotel. While the services offered by the hotel will let you relax and help you plan out your wedding, due to their expertise, what makes the venue one of my top picks is its beauty. Overlooking the ocean and providing you with amazing scenery, the awe-inspiring venue is located at 250 meters above the waters and has one of the most perfect rooftops where you can hold your once-in-a-lifetime event. One of the top spots for weddings in Greece, La Maltese in Santorini is a magnificent wedding venue.


Ellies Sifnos
While it is not as famous as Santorini, Sifnos is definitely one of the top locations to have your wedding in Greece. The romantic ambience of the island provides you with the ideal setting where you can make your dream wedding come true. Furthermore, if you want your wedding to incorporate religious elements, the small church by the sea would be a perfect choice. With a number of luxurious hotels and restaurants, as well as picturesque beaches, Sifnos in Greece lets you have the magic moment you’ve always dreamt of. As I’ve been a Sifnos wedding photographer, I can assure you that the island is a true punch of Greek flavor.


Santa Marina Resort Mykonos
Another infamous island for weddings in Greece is Mykonos. Famous for its cosmopolitan character, the beauty of the island is the ideal magical place, where you can wed with your other half. One of the best wedding venues in Mykonos is without a doubt Santa Marina. With its own private beach, the Santa Maria resort is a perfect pick and as my photographs for this location have even been featured in Brides Magazine, I can assure you that your wedding there will provide you with some of the most memorable moments in your life.

The islands of Greece provide you with a unique setting for your wedding. With their mystic beauty and the majestic sunsets of their picturesque beaches, they offer you a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. It is not surprising that the islands are top destinations for any couple and top picks for any wedding photographers and planners alike. Having your wedding in Greece is truly a magical experience.

wedding church Santorini

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