Wedding Trends with photographers in 2017

Wedding Photography is a category of photography that is almost as old as photography itself. Many old wedding photos of their grandparents as nostalgic family heirlooms at home on the walls. Just as in their time the wedding today one of the most important events in life and to perpetuate the big day most people choose to hire a professional photographer. In London, the variation when it comes to wedding photography large, some people want a traditional wedding picture, the second is innovation and a unique image style more important. Wedding Photography is not a static art, but just as in other forms of photo developing trends of all time.

Here are some trends in wedding photography in 2017.

Large Wedding group photos

Large group of images is on the rise. These give a chance to perpetuate not only the wedding couple but gives a picture of the entire wedding party. These types of images are very popular to share on social media. You choose a more traditional arranged picture with all the on line but more and more popular is a more informal relaxed image which captures the whole group together in more relaxed form. This requires a skilled photographer.

The day before and after

Many are now choosing to hire a photographer for more than just the actual wedding and the wedding party. This provides more opportunities to get pictures that you might not have time to take during the wedding. Pictures of the preparations and the wedding couple with parents in a more casual style. The day after the wedding also provides a chance to take pictures in different exciting environments that can let the couple’s personality emerge in the images.

Natural light

Photos of the couple taken in the early morning or late afternoon, with natural sunlight in the background has become very popular because they provide a warm, bright and romantic images ideal for catching the couple in a flattering way.

Black and white images

Black and white is a trend that comes and goes periodically. More recently it has begun to make their retreat. A black and white portrait picture of the newly married couple gives the wedding a timeless quality, and you can hang your own picture next to grandparents wedding pictures and create a connection to past generations.

Destination Weddings

Small getaway destination weddings are very popular. Now with low cost airlines getting to a destination wedding venue in the sun is very inexpensive.  Amalfi Coast, Positano and Sorrento are very popular with english wedding couples.  More photos Click Here  Destination Weddings

These are some of the trends that is on its way to wedding photography in 2017. However, it is important not to just stare yourself blind on what’s inside and outside at the moment, but also think about getting images that you can look back on with joy far into the future. To achieve this it is important to have an experienced wedding photographer who not only takes great pictures but also can help and advise on the style may be appropriate for one’s wedding photos. For those who are looking for an experienced photographer who can shoot in a variety of styles for their wedding in London’s Ian Johnson Photography is a great option.

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