Wedding season is upon us it has started for me again with weddings in England Italy Sweden in the next month.  I love and just want to photograph people happy people its simple and I love telling the stories of their wedding through photography, Saturday was no different I love it.

Here are a few wedding photos that I liked from the weekend for all types of reasons.   We planned the day that I should arrive about one hour and a half before the ceremony so I could photograph the couple Johan and Maite seeing each other for the first time,  this work out perfect. The light inside the building look so good, two rooms with fantastic light and fantastic  looking wallpaper, I was desperate to take that wedding photos against the wallpaper.

Maite looked stunning in her dress, it really was the perfect dress for her, I directed her like she was a fashion model and she took the direction so well.  I knew she loved the photos after showing her the photos with the white back ground  she said  oh my god is that me !

I bumped into some friends Asai and Micheal, they had had there wedding at Botleys Mansion two years earlier.  I remember at there wedding how the weather changed so quickly, from an outdoor ceremony to an indoor ceremony.  10 minutes after the  thunderstorm and ceremony  it was totally blues skies.  Everyone on Saturday was concerned for the weather, as I travelled to the venue it was pouring down, no sooner had I arrived it rapidly cleared.  All the guests were eagerly monitoring the weather and I couldnt stop thinking about what had happened at Botley Mansion.

But it true Hollywood fashion the weather held off and we were able to have our outdoor wedding ceremony.

So enjoy the photos .Ersta_Terrace_StockholmErsta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_01Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_02Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_03Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_04Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_05Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_06Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_07Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_08Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_09Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_10Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_11Ersta_Terrace_stockholmwedding_12 ( C) 2014 Ian Johnson Photo Wedding Photographer