You may not remember me but you were our wedding photographer on the 29th September 2007. I’m contacting you as I’m looking for a copy of a wedding photograph that you took of me and my husband that you emailed me years ago. It’s a black and white photo where we walking away as you called us to look back. We’ve moved house and I’m desperate to get hold of a copy so that I can have it framed and hung on our wall. Please let me know if you can help in anyway.

I replied remember you yes, I know the photograph you are talking about, Its on its way from Colchester right now Teresa .  Of course I remember you, I actually see you all the time well the wedding photos. There were some great shots from that day.  you two were the classic modern Bride and Groom  The one of  you with the priest, the confetti shot, the portraits with the late light, flower girl poking out her tongue and those amazing details you had at the venue , first wedding in that room if I  remember rightly . I love that photo also always have

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