Wedding photographers assistant dream wedding

I have known Johan for many years and he has been my assistant at more than 100 weddings, he is a great wedding photographer. So I was honored he would ask me to photograph his wedding. Johan loves a detail so I knew with all his wedding experience that there would be a few cool details.

Many years ago I remember him telling me the perfect wedding venue would be MacDonalds! The flying food would be Chicken Nuggets, the main meal would be the classic Big Mac, followed by milkshakes for the desert, there cookies would be the cake.  The late-night snack would be the breakfast Sausage McMuffin.

His now wife Anne didn’t really follow that vision, she had other ideas. Well they really did find an amazing wedding venue, that was perfect for photography, I just loved the place.

Dancing in a dream wedding venue with lots of light, and endless places to photograph made the wedding portrait photography very easy.

The modern wedding portraits in the main dance hall were simple, they only had to look at each other.

But we saved the best for last a simple wedding portrait with a vintage red sofa, again with great light all they had to do was look at each other.