Wedding Photographer for Positano and Sorrento Weddings

Have you always fantasized about getting married in paradise? Do the words Positano Ravello or Sorrento come to mind A lot of brides and grooms dream as well, dream of having a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, off to somewhere exotic or mind-blowingly beautiful places. It was once something usually done by celebrities. However, destination weddings have become more popular amongst soon to be wed couples these days. Couples look for locations that are not only picturesque but also truly capture their personality and the theme of their wedding. Two of the places that are gaining popularity as top wedding venues  Sorrento and Positano in Italy.
Your wedding photographer will play a big role in how you remember your very special day in the years to come. If you decide to get married in a beautiful place like Positano or Sorrento, it only logical that you choose the best wedding photographer who can capture the beauty of the place, the couple and weave it into a magical photograph. Since destination weddings are done far from your home, not everyone can come and see the festivities for themself. Photographs are also significant mementos that you will cherish and keep forever. You would also want pictures that you can be proud of and be able to always evoke the emotions that you felt on the day itself.


Positano is a majestic town in the valleys of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It also boasts beautiful stretch coastline overlooking the pristine seas. Positano has a warm weather all over the year that is just so welcoming. You can have the luxury of being served amazing Italian cuisines. It is indeed any bride and groom’s ideal wedding destination.Take a look at the Positano wedding of Hotel Palazzo Murat, It’s the kind of place that the stuff of dreams is made of. Positano and Hotel Palazzo Murat positively welcomes its visitors with the quintessential Italian hospitality.


Sorrento or also popularly known as the Sorrentine peninsula is situated in the Amalfi Coast. It’s a historic location in the southern region of Italy that is known for its coastline and magnificent scenery. It is the perfect location for couple who wish to have a romantic beach wedding. Sorrento is a serene, cozy and elegant location. The backdrop that it creates for wedding photos is stunning. A Sorrento wedding venue recommendation would be Grand Hotel Cocumella

What distinguishes a wedding photographer from a great wedding photographer is his ability to be a story teller. A well captured photograph can take people to the day itself like they were a part of it and walk them through every single memorable moment that happened. Great wedding photographers blend in with the guests, with the atmosphere and are able to capture candid moments that truly convey the spirit of your wedding. You should be able to communicate with your wedding photographer regarding the vibe and overall theme that you want portrayed in your photographs.

A wedding in a place like Positano or Sorrento can be quite overwhelming and its beauty can out shadow the wedding itself but great wedding photographers know how to blend the surroundings, the ambiance and the wedding into one marvellous package. If you are getting married in Italy around the Amalfi Coast let me photographer for hotelpalazzomuratwedding photos Positanohotelpalazzomurat in Positano

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