” If you foolishly ignore beauty you will soon find yourself without .  But if you invest in beauty , it will remain with you all the days of your life ”    Frank Lloyd Wright

I saw this great quote today so I thought I would share it .

When I first started out as a wedding photographer my quote was ‘ weddings with life ‘

and now      ‘ Wedding Day capture the moment ‘

my philosophy has always been simple ‘ wedding photos must last 100 years ‘ actually my dream is to hear a grandchild of one my wedding couples say they loved my wedding photos that  I took of their nan and grandad on their wedding day .

Actually just last week a neice of a wedding couple I photographed 11 years ago asked me to be her wedding photographer , because she has always loved her uncle and aunts wedding photos … I will post these later .

So  remember your wedding days photos will never be forgotten .

''frank lloyd wright''

Frank-Lloyd-Wright quote


My style has a distingtive cinematic edge a modern but with a creative look. Everyday in life I look for new inspiration and ideas to photograph your wedding in a new bespoke way but still want you wedding photos to be ageless.

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