As we all know other than photographing weddings my other love is to photograph wakeboarding and wakeboarders.
I have just had an amazing 10 days photographing in Thailand photographing my son Nick Johnson who is now sponsored by OBrien  wakeboards .  Most of the time I was photographing at a wake cable park just outside Bangkok called wake a lot ,  I also photographed at Black Mountain WakePark

At WAL wake a lot , the famous three Swedish brothers wakeboarding brothers were there,  Nick has known them  since he was eight , after taking a summer wake boarding camp with Mattius and Benjemen Hoppe, Jeremia Hoppe the third  and youngest brother were in the same year at their wakeboard college ,  Breddas were  filming their follow-up movie  to One-shot

Andreas Fernbrant the film maker and  cinematographer is making the film with Breddas and  one of the boys sponsors

Having some of the worlds best wakeboarders only a few metres away is and exhilarating experience for a wakeboard photographer

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from WAL wake a lot and Black Mountain Wakepark

Nick Johnson my boy is now sponsored by O’Brien wakeboards in Sweden.

obien wakeboard Nick Johnson


Obrien wakeboards

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