There is always something very very special when you photograph a bride in a Vera Wang wedding dress’s On Saturday Melis looked absolutely stunning in her Vera Wang wedding dress, simply stunning.

Melis did the hair and make up in the museum where the wedding was being held. The room, it was actually a small movie cinema with classic movie posters hanging on the walls.  The moment I saw the Casablanca movie poster I thought that would be an ideal place to hang the wedding dress.  I love it the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman is looking on at the dress.

Melis had asked me to make sure I photographed the back of the dress, the small details, I decided to take this photo as Melis and Omer entered at the wedding reception,  they had had a rehearsal during the day I noticed how wonderful  the photographic light looked. I am so pleased with the wedding photo it will be added to my favourites.vera wang wedding dress's

We didn’t have very much time to do the wedding portraits and bridal portraits,  but as we were at this amazing classic car area of the  museum,  the backdrop of the cars really worked,  the shape of the dress looked so good  on Melis it only really took two  minutes and one take to get the photos  that I wanted .  You can see Melis looked incredible in her Vera Wang .