celebrity wedding photographer

The new celebrity portrait Gallery,  not a wedding celebrity gallery is now up and running with 12 portraits in the slideshow .   This gallery will include actors actresses and directors.  the first photo you will see is Ed Harris, and you will see the same off the gallery which is looking to the always and see what they are thinking. In the gallery so far Ed Harris, Christopher Lambert , Ron Silver  and even to English knights  so Richard Attenborough and Sir Ian McKellen.

There is only 12 photos in there for now  I plan to include more photos portraits  with this same theme . Then I will include some more commercial relaxed looking celebrity portraits  of  affect the actresses that you see in this blog post Reese Witherspoon, Catherine Oxenberg ,  Mary McDonnell ,  Lara Flynn Boyle , William Baldwin , Timothy Hutton , Bob Hoskins ,  Max von Sydow  and many more.

When I photograph a wedding I use the same techniques  for the wedding portraits  as I do when photographing celebrities.
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