Wedding photographers from all over the world love this time of year. Because now it is time for PDN  Top Knot competition PDN  stands for Photo District News which is the photographer’s Bible.  They are having their annual top wedding photographer photo award it is called Top Knot.
This is not just an ordinary photo competition, this is about the best in the world in wedding photography. You always have to be sure about the photographs you are entering into this competition because each entry costs $45.
I have entered this competition for quite a few years now and have had quite a bit of success in trim my wedding photos . Two years ago I was awarded number one Top Knot with this photograph of a wedding ceremony ceremony under umbrellas ,I won a Nikon camera which I was very very happy for.
Here are a few of my wedding photographs that have had success in the PDN and Top Knot wedding photographer competition I’m also including this years entry as well in this post, a photo from my wedding in Istanbul
Wish me luck thanks.

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Top Knot wedding photographer

winning photoTop Knot wedding photographerTop Knot wedding photographer