event party photograph

my weekend

Here is a sampling of my weekends work. I love weddings and event photography when Im served up amazing details like this . I was in photographers heaven, color co ordinated and great details.  Anyone having a theme with bright orange should take a look there are some great ideas here.     ...

Ian Johnson Photo Pinterest


Pinterest  you can follow me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/ianjohnsonphoto/  for those that have not been to Pinterest  you will love it . I have the ' Pin it ' button on my blog now so its instantly pinned to your own Pinterest  page.  This is my likes and loves , photos that I have taken of celebrities , weddings ,...


last one then some weddings

So the celebrity photo of the day is Bob Hoskins. Bob Hoskins is also a very keen photographer. This one will be the last photo in a while, it will back to posting wedding photos and wedding photography now . Bob of course is from London  and myself  if you didnt know he is a very keen photographer also . ...

Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna one more

Joe Mantegna Well after my search the other night for portrait photos, I found photos of actor Joe Mantegna now in Criminal Minds. A funny moment from this shoot was , as I was introduced to Joe and I was talking with my London accent , I mentioned I was really good friends Chip Bactell his childhood friend from Chicago and...