Wedding Photographers love weddings, I do . I belong to a forum of the best 80 wedding photographers in the business … there was a discussion what was the single best second at any wedding … here are two top moments one from a San Francisco wedding , I envy you you San Francisco wedding photographers. The couple got married on the Cameo Rose in the San Francisco Bay, this is the moment we went under the Golden Gate Bridge .. I just love the expression on the bride and grooms face, they have since told me this now is a monster piece of art as you walk into their home.

San Francisco Wedding  |  Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Wedding | Golden Gate Bridge

The second moment a photo of Father of the groom and Mother of the groom, I love this image so much as it is a similar shot to I have at from my own wedding .. my dads expression say’s ‘ thank goodness the dreadlocks have gone all that crazy travelling can stop he can settle down ‘ well the dreadlocks have gone .