Micro Weddings

YES! With the restrictions of 30 or 50 people at any wedding, the focus has switched to real love, joy, friendship, throughout the wedding day. Capping With the change in prime motive and capping the number of guests, you are only left with the wedding couple, a wedding photographer, and your closest friends/family members. And here, the concept of small micro wedding originated. 

Post Covid-19, small gathering is common in weddings. With the trend of minimal gathering, mircro weddings are in trend. After the coronavirus outbreak, numerous restrictions were imposed on gatherings, and the wedding is one of those highly affected events. 

Focus More on Joy and Luxury! 

Till early 2020, inviting several guests was mandatory to ensure everyone whom you know can come to share his/her blessings and be a part of that great moment. However, today, it has been capped to a few guests only. 

Many of you would also find the concept of small weddings beneficial. Here are some unmatched benefits that you can experience after hosting a small wedding.

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A Micro Wedding from Thailand   See More Destination Wedding Photos Here

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Stevie and Ben: Wedding Photo from Phuket Thailand