My London wedding over the weekend  just one photo now and a nude . Yes my Saturday wedding became quite an eventful affair .  We had heard that there was a bike demonstration going on in central London on Saturday , what we didnt know it was a nude demonstration . I left the Grosvenor Hotel on my way over to the Farm Street Church , my cabbie had said something was going on in west London . So we were stuck in the demonstration  luckily my ride U turned  and said I know three other ways to get there.  I happily made it to the church with 15 minutes spare  other wedding guests were not so lucky and had the wedding delayed 45 minutes.

Here is one from the Grosvenor Hotel  . The hotel has just had a makeover the Réunion Bar , which was designed to reflect the Grosvenor s historic  past with art décor and art inspired by the golden age of railway travel.  The bar was originally the VIP lounge for first class rail passengers at Victoria station  for luxurious trains The Orient Express and the Brighton Belle.

Grosvenor Hotel weddings

nude wedding

I also wanted to thank Ashley Pillay the Front Office Manager at the hotel who was extremely professional and extremely helpful when it came to taking the wedding photos at the hotel . His professionalism showed , which resulted in a very happy bride and groom , a most grateful wedding photographer and guests at he hotel . The Grosvenor Hotel is located at 101 Buckingham Palace Road London, UK  an excellent London wedding venue.