Just one from the wedding in France.

Flew back last night from Geneva after photographing Amy and Ollies wedding at Le Palace De Menthon in Annecy France.  The journey flew by, by editing incredible wedding photos of an incredible beautiful wedding day in France. It was blistering hot in Annecy and had been for quite a few days, an early morning thunder storm pasted by, leaving us with a cloudless sky.

I had been at the wedding venue Le Palace De Menthon a few times the day before checking light and locations for the best wedding photos. There had been a wedding the day before. There was one photo I was really interested in taking but I wondered if I could take the photo and get to where the service was being held  to see the grooms reaction Ollie seeing Amy for the first time.  As I waited and prepared for the Friday bride to walk to the altar she wasnt given away by her father but her mother.  The dream photo practise session was wrecked by the bride actually being on her phone walking down the steps.

But here is my fave of the day and I am so happy Amy didnt use her phone for this shot.  I can happily say I did manage to get into place to photograph Olly seeing Amy for the first time.  Many of the guests thought it was amusing seeing trying to hide and running down the stairs.

Palace De Menthon