Knepp Castle the second wedding from the weekend . As now I have changed my just one policy to three wedding photos it makes it a little easily for a wedding photographer. Jools and Howies wedding has to be one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever photographed, I wish Juliette had told me about the dress code, Hugo Boss suit felt a little out of place.  The wedding ceremony at Knepp Castle was delayed for 30 minutes .. but everything happens for a reason , because of the delay the wedding ceremony had the most amazing light , bright sunshine bursting through soft cloud .

Juliette had set up two frames for guests portraits a do it yourself photobooth idea, that became very useful in that 30 minute delay for quirky wedding portraits of guests some, very cool wedding details ideas.  So here are three wedding photos.

knepp castle wedding

quirky wedding portraits


quirky bridesmaids

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