Rousham is a Oxford wedding venue, one of the UK’s stunning wedding venues with the most amazing gardens, Rousham is roughly 12 miles North of Oxford and about a fifteen minute drive from Silverstone, anyone seeing the news from the Grand Prix this weekend knows what the weather was like.  Susies energy and enthusiasm made this wedding photographer so very happy though, timings were all over the place, I but can honestly say Susie just could not get out of the car, we all kept checking the rain clouds and hoped, however the heavens opened as Susie entered the church there was so much laughter and Im sure the vicar has never seen an arrival like this before . Heres one of my favourite shots from the day, I love the photo, but it honestly does not show how bad the weather was that one minute, what it does show is Susie looking so radiant spirit and happy. A lot more images to follow.

wedding woodstock rousham

Rousham really is  one of the UK’s stunning wedding venues in Oxford , if you need a wedding photographer for your wedding I have many available dates for this upcoming year.