Punita and Andrews Indian wedding in Portugal was a wedding photographers dream assignment. This Indian destination wedding was full of wonderful moments, glorious colourful wedding dresses and Indian costumes.
Held on the Algarve coast line at Pinecliffs Sheratons Golf resort hotel Albuferia. the weather temperature , climate, surroundings and light were perfect for wedding photographers. The conditions in Portugal were just like Southern California. Just like most Indian Destination Weddings the event was held over three days to hold all the ceremonies.
Indian weddings are always full of color and life, Im not sure many wedding photographers in Portugal or anywhere have asked for a bollywood dancing inspiration on the beach. The wedding party loved the idea as did the tourists relaxing on the beach , I love the photo of the bridesmaids dancing with the two tourists who stood up and started paddling in the water . I bet they thought Portugal would be a little more relaxed but thats wedding photographers for you.

Pinecliffs Albuferia Algarve