‘So meet Ian Mckellen let me introduce you ‘ . This was in Los Angeles back in 1992 when the US tour of Richard the Third was going on. As I shook Ian’s hand I said I introduced myself as ‘ Ian from Clacton ‘ Ian replied ‘pleased to meet you Im Ian from Bolton ‘

I remember the photo shoot vividly at a Westwood Hotel and I knew exactly how I wanted the photo to look. It was to be for a cover of a Los Angeles magazine. I had told Ian I wanted eyes and hands, but there was to be no movement, I also told him what he had to think about. I said for him to close his eyes and when he opened them, I knew what he was doing and what he was thinking. It was film back then and after the first roll had finished,and I stopped everybody in the room gasped for breath.

When I mention above I knew what Ian was thinking, actually I didnt know exactly was it was, but it was special to him and it is Shakespeare.