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Hello thanks for taking the time to have a look around my website I hope you like what you have seen. Well who am I ? To start Im a married Dad with two children, Lena my wife is swedish she works in the clothing industry with HM, Nick my son is an international wakeboarder, Elle my daughter well …she is the best wedding assistant I have.

My philosophy is simple Dream the Dream and dont be afraid of mistakes, with my photos ‘my wedding photos must last 100 years‘ so my dream is to hear one of your children say “I love the photos you took of my mum and dads wedding”

So I have photographed weddings for over 20 years now. I am award-winning photographer with a background of fashion and film, my images are both full of life and emotional. Many weddings you will recongnise from magazines so I gained an international reputation.

Last year I was asked to appear on the Dreamworks/Mark Burnett TNT’s TV show ”Wedding Day” . Wow what a buzz that was. The host of the show Vivianne Valentine said ‘..your energy and inspiration on wedding days is contagious‘ I thought that was pretty nice.

My style has been described as ‘wedding photography with a distinctive cinematic storybook edge‘ by the UK magazine Weddings and Home

Peronally though I think my style has a modern, creative look to it, from my time as a fashion and celebrity photographer in Los Angeles. At weddings though I simply love capturing real life moments and compelling photos of the story behind you the couple, on your wedding day.

London Wedding Photographer Ian Johnson

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Ian Johnson Photo Wedding Photographer

Ian Johnson Photo Wedding Photographer