Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

hampton court house

Gloriously shabby chic  with a  modern edge with a welcoming lived in look of grandeur,  a wedding venue on weekends Hampton Court House is a school by day and venue for films set after the home-time bell rings also

The house was built in 1757 by the 2nd Earl of Halifax.  Just a small walk away from the Thames  and only 30 minutes by train from waterloo . It was a love token for his mistress, it includes romantic touches such as the heart-shaped lake and shell-clad grotto.

For wedding photography at the venue  there are many places to photograph indoors and outdoors sneaking off to the Shell grotto  a few moments together while guests sip champagne in the gardens. the house is surrounded by 7 arces parkland  and a stones throw from London.

Hampton Court Wedding Photography