Grand Hotel Cocumella in Sorrento is a wonderful place to have your Italian wedding, wedding photographers in Sorrento has it very good because the venue  is spectacular , the light in southern Italy is wonderful for wedding photographers.  The hotel grounds have so many places to take photographs for wedding couples.

The hotel is on the eastern side of Sorrento as you come into the city from Naples the view is breathtaking. The hotel sits on a cliff top overlooking the bay of Naples. The hotel was originally a jesuit monastery from the 16th century, it became a hotel in 1822.

The Hotel Cocumella Gardens are filled with lemon orchards and lush vegetation. The garden feels like it is a park with lots of photo sets, which again I say, is so good for wedding photography.

I have photographed weddings all over the world and have been host to some amazing hospitality, however the Cocumella staff  working with Stephen Pike the general manager at the hotel,  really are so good, they made me the wedding photographer as welcome as all the wedding guests. I was even invited to have at a room at the hotel during the day, in case I needed to change and shower, because weddings in Sorrento get very very hot.

I can whole heartedly recommend Grand Hotel Cocumella for your wedding. I will post more photographs from this wedding in later posts.Cocumella

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