Fabulous wedding venues , as a wedding photographer I see incredible wedding venues , this past Friday I needed to walk throughs, light checks and location spotting. Planning always makes the best wedding photos. So on friday my first venue I saw Trafalgar Park, Downton Salisbury Liz who is getting married there told me they use the venue for film and TV … as I pulled off and drove towards Trafalgar Park house I was in love with the place before I pulled the keys out of the car. Feeling very good with myself knowing how safe Trafalgar Park would be for wedding photos I drove off to me second venue , if i had been over awed earlier nothing braces you for seeing Buckhurst Park for the first time, It didnt know why but immediatly thought of a Robert Goddard novel. But Buckhurst is famous for another book the most famous part of the estate the 100 Acre Wood immortalised by A Milne in Winnie the Pooh, Milne had lived in Hartfield, one of the villages on the Buckhurst estate. There are not too many wedding venues that have their own cricket pitch . Here is Buckhurst Parkbuckhurst-park-weddingbuckhurst-parksussex-wedding-venue