How do you Know

Last night we watched the film ‘ How do you Know ‘ I have photographed Reese Witherspoon earlier , she married Jim Toth last weekend . The photo of Reese Witherspoon was taken very early in her career , it was a publicity photo for her first film taken in Los Angeles . They tied the knot Saturday night in a private wedding ceremony at her ranch estate in Ojai Malibu .

Note . I have had a few emails congratulating me as if I was Reese Witherspoons wedding photographer . What I have said above is that I have photographed Reese Witherspoon earlier in her career ( the photo to the right ) for publicity for her first film ‘ The Man in the Moon ‘
I was not the wedding photographer and sorry I dont know who photographed Reese Witherspoon s wedding.

''Reese Witherspoon wedding Jim Toth''

Reese Witherspoon