Chinese and Hong Kong couples choosing exotic venues destinations Bali, Hawaii for wedding photography as well as Sweden. Just recently I have been asked to photograph on an island in the Baltic, the island is Swedish its Gotland.

Destination wedding photography is the ‘IT’ thing when it comes to couples who want an exotic wedding away from their busy and same old lives. Chinese and Hong Kong couples are very much into destination weddings and pre-wedding abroad photography. It is a rising custom in China and Hong Kong to make the wedding memorable, so they usually spend a chunk of their money on an exotic location, as they say, you only marry once.

The Chinese and Hong Kong couples who want a summer beach wedding photography are all geared up for Hawaii and Bali weddings but now Sweden. Hawaii and Bali are one of the most beautiful places on earth. The beautiful and exotic locales provide the couples with miles long white beaches and sea-chalets and beautiful palm trees. The famous sunsets and beautiful locations make most of the brides swoon over. The blissful experience with your better half provides the perfect hideaway for couples looking for perfect pictures to store away forever. This is a great way to make memories and plan for the future in the center of exotic marine life, lively culture and beautiful scenery. The soothing experience, with beautiful vibrant pictures, will make the pictures more natural and lively.

So how did Sweden become such a popular place, for couples to get married in Sweden ? Well, it certainly is another one of the most beautiful places on earth. The island of Gotland really is unique it really isnt Sweden like. For a wedding photographer or a photographer the light is so important, the light on Gotland is unique. If you need any information for a wedding in Sweden or if you are having a destination wedding on Gotland get in touch.

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