Breddas who are Breddas  Well team Breddas are three brothers Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremia Hoppe and they make up a swedish wakeboard team . Who, What and How do I know the Hoppe brothers ?  well Nick my boy had a three year college scholarship with Jeremia , they are the same age both born in 1994.  I have known the brothers for years .

Last year they had the worlds most watched wakeboarding video called  One Shot . An amazing video with some crazy wakeboarding, amazing stunts  and someone said the greatest ‘ High Five ‘  of all time, it included my nutty son.  It was very reassuring seeing my son jumping off of cliffs also.

As I just said in an earlier post I have been in Thailand photographing Nick and the brothers at Wake a Lot  near Bangkok .  Here are a few wakeboarding photos.

Breddaswake a lotwakeboard_thailandwakeskate

Wakeboarding Wakesurfing and Wakeskate Thailand