Black and white wedding photography or black and white wedding photos are always timeless, ageless , thought-provoking  captured moments. Nothing can beat a beautiful framed photo. One of the main reasons I think photographers get into photography is for the love of black-and-white photos and printing your own images in a photolab. There were some magical nights when I used to print my own photos
Many wedding couples asked me what my thoughts are about color or black and whites  on the day and what will the percentage be, my answer is always very simple, I dont know, I think photos of the day, the story of the day , the action of the day should be photographed in black-and-white.  But color photos should always be there away setting scenes and details.

Most wedding couples after the wedding will choose to have black and whites photographs printed and used in their home.  With color photos the wedding photos must alway work with the color of the room , with BW it is different they generally fit everywhere. Now there is so many ways to present black-and-white photographs. If you want some ideas please let me know.


black white photography