Just recently I was asked by Canon to choose my favourite 20 wedding photographs for a contest, it was an incredibly tough task to do.

It is difficult in the sense that each photograph really came from a different category so I had to choose between portrait’s, wedding details, real life weddings, reportage documentary moments during wedding day.

I ended up with proberly about 100 wedding photos and then I had to choose just to 20. And the way I ended up doing it was like a knockout competition where I put one photo against the other side which one would win and then the other one was put into a separate folder until I had my favourite 20 wedding photos for the Canon wedding photographer contest.

It was great looking out all these photographs I had taken. It brought back so many great memories from them weddings so I thought what I might do now, every day I will take one of these photographs from the hundred I have chosen and tell the wedding story of how that photograph was taken.

This photo was taken at a Jewish wedding in Leeds, I have been hired by Brides magazine to do a three page wedding reportage on the wedding. I remembered them asking had I photographed any Jewish weddings, I reminded them that I had lived in Los Angeles for 17 years and I had photographed many.

At the time I was photographing some wedding details at the time and the entire tent was white white carpet white walls white roofs white flowers everything was white and luckily the musician was wearing a white suit.  The wedding musicians were also in the tent I saw my guy in the photo rehearsing and then I watched him walking over to the opening of the tent and then opened it to see Jewish weddings musician the wedding guests had gathered drinking champagne. And there is how I managed to get this great wedding photo.

I have decided that I can’t even decide what is my favourite photographs out of the 100 but here is the first one and the story behind the photo.

Jewish Wedding in Leeds

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