Without a doubt this really was quite a London destination wedding in the heart of the city,yes,this really was a London destination wedding, Maria who comes from Norway is half Irish,  and Rick comes from Holland.The guests came from all over the world so it really was an international affair, I am sure 116 Pall Mall  Institute of Directors has never been the venue or home for a destination wedding, but proved to be a perfect venue for this event

The had predicted hailstones for the weather forecast, I am not sure how they predict hailstones but they did .  I arrived in the morning  at Sloane Square in Chelsea to go and see the church , I hadnt walked up to the Kings Road when the heavens opened , taking cover in Peter Jones was all I could do. I even had to take a London taxi to the hotel literally a 5 minute walk away in Knightsbridge, no sooner had I arrived at the hotel  we could see that the skies were clearly brightening up.  One good thing about the rain was that I got to travel in the wedding car a White Rolls to the church.

By the time Marie walked  into the church  at 13.30 there were blue skies everywhere , so much for the prediction of having hailstones on your wedding day like as they predicted in the morning.

Maria was very well prepared for every event, having umbrellas in the colors of Ireland Holland and Norway  should rain actually fall on them.  I even think Maria wanted a touch of rain so we could use that multicolored umbrellas for the wedding photos, but there was no need for them, the weather was perfect.

In the wedding photos you will see a lot of standing and kissing on chairs, you will also not the wedding couple coming up from under the table.

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