…. I had a photo shoot in London this week and in the evening met up with some great DWF wedding photographers we spoke about how long we had been shooting weddings … I had to think wow it was a year before I got married 1990 I have been photographing weddings for 18 years ‘OMG’ ! I remember driving along 4th st on the bridge at Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica in my CJ5 Jeep .. ( that had my logo on the wheel over) … a girl pulled along side asked did I photograph weddings .. I said ‘no’ .. then I said ‘ wait a minute I need to talk to you ‘ … I explained I was getting married the next year I needed to photograph a couple with what i wanted … they saw all my fashion and celebrity work .. and told them I want to photograph there wedding in a style of an MTV video ( yes there was MTV in 1990 ) because thats how I wanted mine photographed. So here are the shots from that day at Pepperdine in Malibu … I still love the shot on the right and still use it in my ads … sadly I cant remember the couples names and they have the negatives .. anyone know them ? .. they lived in Venice but I think they moved to Seattle the guys name could be Greg.

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