wakeboard and wakeboarding no more assisting

Wakeboard yes, not a wedding and now it looks like my son will no longer interested in assisting me on my weddings, meet my son Nick the wakeboarder, who also is a great wedding photographer here is his film he edited of himself in Thailand. Nick Johnson a month in Thailand from Nick Johnson on Vimeo. sorry for that ...

china wedding photographer

let them throw debris at you

拍摄抛撒五彩碎屑的场景 这时你可以自己先扔一些碎屑,再让旁人开始抛,并让一些人把碎屑扔向你,会得到一张有趣而可爱的照片 I love the line of  below At this time you can own throw some debris, let others start throwing some debris thrown at you, will be an interesting and lovely photos shooting scene to throw colorful debris Some photographers like to put the shot and throw the scene of colorful debris, but you can show scene. If the shot put, the looks will...