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Swedes for sale

Weddings in Sweden are very much part of my life, so finding swedish wedding suppliers in London is cool. So after my wedding Tv show interview I was happy to find the Scandinavian KitchenAs a wedding photographer its always nice to refer . To the non swede there were some interesting items for sale....


Wedding TV interview

Just had an exciting week topped with an interview with Wedding TV. It was lot of fun with a bunch of very creative talented persons. I had photographed Rachels wedding for Brides magazine a few weeks earlier, it was here where I met everyone, my interview went smooth I hope with the great help of Nessa, thanks for making it...


Perfect wedding gift a wedding robot

The perfect wedding gift a wedding robot and guess what their website says ‘ The Wedding Robot can be custom-made to look like a family member.’ Wow do I want to photograph one of these. If you get one of these charmers please mail me for the Ian Johnson Photo Wedding robot discount package. I may buy one...