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Vintage wedding style

This weekend started with a cool vintage styled wedding of Fred and Anna .. dad had had the car all Anna life and had dreamt she would be driven to church in the car .. the dream came true....


Too Cool for School Wedding | Destination Wedding Ireland

Too Cool for School Wedding, both these teachers looked way to cool for being teachers, Dave and Laura both from London had their wedding in Barberstown Castle in Straffan Kildare home of the K club. There was a lot of teasing but Im sure a lot more when their pupils see these shots. Dave, I will let you know when...


71 Dodge Charger 500

Facebook had a great post the other day about cars that you have had and driven. My first car I bought in the US was a 71 Dodge Charger 500 I bought on San Vicente in Santa Monica when on a Sunday that whole street was a car sale. I never ever realised that car now is a classic, I...