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A wedding in Positano

Positano I am just back from Positano. I want to post 100 photos from this wedding but here are just half a dozen. I will post a few more very soon I am sure.  I have always loved Positano I simply love the area. Trying to get the background of the town and the wedding couple in the photo proved a...


a destination wedding in London

Without a doubt this really was quite a London destination wedding in the heart of the city,yes,this really was a London destination wedding, Maria who comes from Norway is half Irish,  and Rick comes from Holland.The guests came from all over the world so it really was an international affair, I am sure 116 Pall Mall  Institute of Directors has...


Maria and Ricks 116 Pall Mall Institute of Directors Wedding in London

Maria and Ricks wedding was held at 116 Pall Mall Institute of Directors Wedding in London. Here are a few wedding photos from the day. 116 Pall Mall  Institute of Directors is an impressive venue is both flexible and fun, in the heart of London starting with a columned entrance and incredible staircase the venue also has with eight magnificent and...


D Day 6th June 1944 Juno Beach

D Day On June 6, 1944, about 150,000 troops stormed the beaches of France in the epic D-Day invasion, my dad in the navy served on HMS Duke of Wellington, his position was to work on the landing crafts, lucky that day he operated the ramp at the front of the landing craft. On his second journey that morning...