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who shoots film at weddings

who shoots film at weddings I do is this the new trend in wedding photography with so many digital photographers looking for something new they are turning to film for a new look. No less than two years ago I had always photographed film at weddings .. so now the come back, here is the classic asahi...


the most stunning weddings

the most stunning weddings just had one of them days yesterday that makes being a wedding photographer such a dream job .. yesterday everything just clicked making the wedding one of the most beautiful weddings and here is one of the most romantic wedding photos. More wedding photography to come. ...


a very quirky wedding venue

On Saturday , it wasnt all about one wedding in Stockholm this weekend . Thomas and American Kelly came to town to have a great wedding party aswell . Guests where from all over the world and what a fun venue it was Junibacken . It can only be described as a fantasy venue ...