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a fave from the past

The photograph in the previous blog reminded me of a photograph I took at the same wedding venue at one of my first weddings . I love this photo one of my best wedding photos , as a wedding photographer I love these spontaneous moments , moments that will live a lifetime and shared for years to come. ...


four weddings and a tired photographer

four weddings four weddings and a tired photographer this weekend , here is the wedding from Friday. Sandra had some great ideas for their weekend outdoor celebration . Whilst waiting for guests to be seated the couple were going through their first dance routine all of a sudden Frederic lifted Sandra . ...


Trafalgar Park wedding is online Jez and Liz

Jez and Liz your Trafalgar Park wedding is online  enjoy the photos. This wedding photographer had a lot of fun ! it really was a great day and Liz everyone that has seen your wedding dress loves it  and the photo [caption id="attachment_1214" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="' Trafalgar Park'"][/caption] ...

stockholm wedding

a wonderful night in stockholm

a wonderful night in stockholm I mentioned in the previous mail I was in Manilla, Nedre Manilla Stockholm . It was a perfect Stockholm night warm and light that lent itself to some wonderful informal portraits . Guests enjoyed champagne and canapes on the deck of house . I also mentioned the Vera Wang dress, but the bridesmaids wearing their...