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Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle Here are wedding photographers photos and review of Leeds Castle wedding this weekend . Great wedding , vendors , staff , guests and a wonderful couple.     ...


3D HD wedding photography

3D HD wedding photography  We live in a 3D HD  world now , so I was happy when a wedding videographer commented recently  that one of my wedding photos looks 3D . On my new Mac Book Pro , I looked  again  it does .  The photo was taken in natural light and very little was done to the image...


dianne hassall modern vintage wedding shoes

modern vintage wedding shoes Hayley graced Leeds Castle wearing a pair of Dianne Hassall modern vintage wedding shoes.  I really loved the details. The shoe collection by Dianne Hassall is inspired by grace and beauty they are perfect for the vintage look , the shoe details are perfect for vintage wedding  dress . Each pair  contains Diane’s  signature.  You can also...


Hayley and David s Leeds Castle wedding.

Leeds Castle wedding Over the weekend Hayley and David were married at Leeds Castle a stunning wedding venue . The wedding cake's motto said ' Love is all you need '  , that sentence described the wedding , because there was a ton of it   aswell there was a lot of champagne and a lot of good humour .  It also had...


The Kings Speech

The Kings Speech Congratulations to The Kings Speech for Best Film at the Oscars .  At my wedding I have to congratulate Hayley and David at Leeds Castle , a wedding venue in Kent.  Hayley looked stunning in her vintage styled look , her dress just stunning, she could of easily been mistaken  as an actress in the film ,...