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just an amazing man

just an amazing man Yesterday in the studio , I was given a gift , the gift of meeting a great man, Emanuel . There are moments in life that are defined, this was one of them. I was humbled by his grace , dignity and bravery , for decisions he had made in the past and now for the future,...


the musician

the musician I have been editing my Brides magazine jewish wedding today , I came across this photo of one of the jewish wedding musician . The group were sensational ...



Brides Just back in the studio after shooting a wedding assignment for Brides magazine . Brides have sent me to Tuscany , Mykonos and have tried to get me to South Africa and New York roof top weddings , so when Tory asked me if I could go to Leeds , initially it didnt seem so glamorous !! .....


PDN Top Knot 2011

PDN and Top Knot website PDN every year devotes the entire magazine to the very top wedding images and topics of the year. Selection for photos is considered to be the most revered in the wedding industry . So its a huge honor this year to have one of my photos selected I also had an image selected in 2008 . Every...