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tuscany wedding dreams

Tuscany wedding dreams One always dreams of a Tuscany wedding, sun-drenched, villas, castles, vineyards, breathtaking views. This weekend M and C got really lucky because they really did get their dream wedding. I was so lucky to find such a great landscape for their wedding photos, a wedding photographers dream, there was no shortage of ideas. With great light and a great...

''Eltham Palace Wedding''

wedding tearsheets

Wedding tearsheets. On my latest flight, I have been going through all my wedding tearsheets. I had to pick 21 pages from all my magazines, for my 21 years in weddings segment. So here are my faves from different weddings I have photographed. My fave is Simon and Ulrica 's wedding the ' Orange and Pink ' wedding. ' Weddings...


chockywockydoodah in Style

Chockywockydoodah last month at David and Hayley 's wedding they had the amazing chockywockydoodah  ''All you need is love '' cake So I was really pleased to see it make the Royal Wedding special Style magazine this weekend. [caption id="attachment_1816" align="aligncenter" width="900"] chocky wocky doo dah[/caption] No matter what you call them chocolate house chockywocky chockywockydoodah dooda  chockywocky choccy woccy doo dah  choki woki doo...


21 years of weddings

21 years Well here comes the next installment of 21 years of weddings.  I will post photos of my 21 favourite wedding tearsheets  that have appeared in magazines. Brides, Weddings , Weddings and Home , Wedding Day . Under the name of Ian Johnson Photo and Ian Johnson Photography  ...