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wedding cake

mums always do the best wedding cakes

Wedding cakes at my last wedding someone asked that had read my blog about the ' Best Wedding Cakes in the World ' would this cake make my best 10 lists. My answer was short and sweet, Mums cakes will always be the best cakes in the world. Even mother in laws cakes would, Lena my wife s mum made ours. So...


wakeboard weekend

wakeboard A wedding-free weekend for me means wakeboarding, with Nick my son back from five weeks training in Florida, it was great to see him again I spent as long in the boat as I do at weddings  and actually take the same amount of photos. Nick who is now sponsored, is using a Ronix wakeboard. ...


shotgun wedding

Vintage pictures for the wedding A shotgun marriage is a marriage that is forced upon the participants usually because something unplanned, well this wedding certainly was planned Charlotte and Darren did an amazing job and had plenty of ideas for their vintage village hall themed wedding. They even had clay pigeon shooting this was an electronic version so the bride and...

Best of British Weddings

Coworth Park Wedding Details

Coworth Park Wedding Details When I met Graham and we discussed the theme of the wedding,  I knew all about Frankie their dog, Frankie was going to be the best man , well the best dog. Graham also had told me about the table decorations and ideas they had for their Coworth Park wedding , there would be turfs of grass....