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News trends ideas 2008 weddings

Reports in american newspapers say winter weddings are the new latest trend. 3 good reasons to have a winter wedding1) More guests saying yes, 2) Easier to find locations willing to waive fees for off season, 3) great time to leave the cold for a beach honeymoon....


Rainy wedding for the bride with a golden shoe

As we know this past weekends weather was awful gale force winds, heavy rain, and a very dark December  winter wedding. Well it was the 8 though the 8th.  Victoria and Lee had done a ton of planning and it really showed  great details everywhere, for their wedding at Layer Marney Tower in Colchester. But one thing you cant plan...


He Googled it, I blogged it

After having photographed weddings for 17 years now, a first happened at my latest wedding. Toby had forgotten the paper with the reading for in the church. So with modern technology, outside this very old church Toby ' googled ' on his Nokia Leonard Cohen Lyrics 'Dance Me to The End Of Love'. John you can see...


Best of the coffee table book covers

One of the best parts now of being a photographer is working on the Coffee table book after.This wedding was a Destination wedding in Sweden, an American Finnish wedding with a big 'ice hockey' theme. The cover is a montage of three shots from the dayI loved this out of focus shot with this Italian theme a Tuscan walland their...