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best line of the weekend

There really were some funnies from the wedding this weekend especially Father Brendan Purcell in the church , however the weekends winner was from Padraic's father , in his speech telling all the guests what a special day Feb 23 in history was , the day they met, the day they engaged, how important the day was from Ireland ...


well he got my attention

Fathers that conduct the service do not normally get mentioned on blogs , however Father Brendan Purcell will he had my attention straight away firstly announcing that syncronised swimming wasn't a sport and then went out to tell a story about the Galloping Cat by Steve Smith. , followed by a lot more funnies. He was brilliant though, priests...


a montage from Edinburgh

(c) IAN JOHNSON PHOTO www.ianjohnsonphotography.comAs promised a montage from the weekends wedding in Edinburgh. The some of the portraits take a laid back approach to another level ...